Friday, 27 May 2016

GPS Tracking Devices Installation Guidelines

Configuration Guidelines For Vehicle GPS Tracker

GPS Tracking Devices are especially designed for personal vehicle, fleet and staff on the field. It is easy to maintain and simple to use. It takes power from vehicle only when vehicle ignition is on.

Steps for using the vehicle GPS tracker:

  • After placing the order and before tracker is received apply for the SIM card if you already don’t have one. Can be purchase any Postpaid or Prepaid SIM but Prepaid SIM is preferred and get this activated.
  • Insert the active SIM card into the Tracking Device.
  • Insert battery into the tracker.
  • Once the signal is acquired tracker starts flashing again & again.
  • Configure the correct APN as below mentioned and then follow the remaining 2 steps below.
  • Go under the open area and make a call to the tracking device and it will send the current location details to the caller.
  • Location of the tracking device can be viewed on Connecting platform.

Before sending any SMS to know status device, make sure that GPRS is on or enabled before you proceed for installation of tracker.

Now GPS tracking device is ready to get installed in your vehicle. It is very easy to install the tracker with vehicle, for more information use device's document.

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  1. Easy Guideline... Please write about Tips before purchase GPS Tracking Device

  2. very helpful information and also the gps system is usefull too these days.
    recommend to all about this .